Oil Reclamation Services

Do you want to reduce new oil purchases, decrease disposal expenses, and lower environmental exposure & liability? Would you like to guarantee your oil cleanliness, ISO specifications and machinery ROI’s are met? Our oil reclamation process will help you achieve all these goals. Our MLA1, MLA2, and CLS certified technicians work with the following types of oil to waste less and save you more:

  • Hydraulic Oil – removal of emulsified water and dirt contamination is critical. We provide cost effective kidney loop solutions that remove free and emulsified water from lines, cavities, pipes and reservoirs. We use top of the line laser particle counting equipment to verify ISO cleanliness and particle counts. PetrolinkUSA also reconditions hydraulic oil, improving oxidation prevention and preventing wear while also re-balancing viscosity where needed.
  • Quench Oil – carbon and soot build up in quench oil over time, eventually leading to sludge formation. We remove all sludge and contaminates from your systems, recovering over 90% of your quench oil and improve cooling properties of the system. We also recover skimmed quench oil and oil flooded with water or CO2 from furnace fires or similar events.
  • Lube Oil – machinery leakage, high pressure applications, and sensitive machine parts can all effect your lube oil and lube oil costs. We work with manufacturers to recover leaked oil, ensure your lubricants are up to the task and manage contaminants over time through our Managed Reliability Programs.
  • Turbine Oil – We reduce turbine downtime and increase the longevity of turbine oil by removing water and particulates before the oil enters critical components. Your turbine can continue to operate while we use vacuum dehydration, jumpers and a kidney loop system to remove bearing damaging particulates.
  • Transformer Oil – PetrolinkUSA provides total transformer oil changovers, but we also work with you to make sure the entire system is free from contaminated oil before we add virgin oil back in. We remove acids, dirt, water, moisture, sludge, hydrogen, methane, ethane, and virtually all other unwanted contaminates from the whole system, including hidden reservoirs.

Services we provide include:

  • Custom build units to meet the requirements of your facility
  • Vacuum dehydration and high efficiency filtration (B1-200: 1micron @99.5% efficient)
  • Achieve particle counts as low as 15:13:11
  • Water below 80ppm
  • On-site or at a centralized location
  • Hydraulic, Gear, Turbine, Cutting, Compressor, etc.
  • Turn-key operation with daily reports on volume usage

Contact PetrolinkUSA today to get started on your oil reclamation project by calling 1-800-770-4510 or filling out a contact form.

Client Testimonials

Outstanding job to your team! Very thorough with great documentation. We’ve used other companies in the past, but PetrolinkUSA surpassed them in quality and communication! I will pass this along to the other divisions, your quality and dedication.

steel works lube oil servicesGlobal Steel Producer -

Please let the crew know that we greatly appreciate the work they accomplished on my job site. They were on time- professional-diligent and most of all effective. Thanks again and have a blessed day!

national refinery contractorNational Contractor -

Case Study | Oil Reclamation Services

Tire Manufacturer Oil Analysis & Side Stream Filtration

PetrolinkUSA developed and implemented a turnkey ISO cleanliness program that increased the reliability of critical hydraulic systems for a global tire manufacturer. The program managed 63 recirculation hydraulic systems located in a single department of the manufacturing plant. These systems actuated sensitive valves and cylinders with critical proportional directional valves.

PetrolinkUSA’s ISO cleanliness program reduced maintenance, oil, and filter costs as well as prolonged the life of critical hydraulic equipment by exceeding the target cleanliness level on all 63 hydraulic systems. Operating pressures of the valves were below 3000 psi. The target ISO 4406:99 cleanliness code for these systems was 17/15/11.