Reservoir and Tank Cleaning

Tanks and reservoirs are the perfect places for bacteria, varnish, sludge and other debris to build up and jeopardize your fluid system cleanliness. Reduce hazardous waste and allow the recovery of valuable chemicals or hydrocarbons with a thorough tank or reservoir cleaning.

Our chemical cleaning methods don’t just remove sludge like mechanical methods, but go a step (or several) beyond and minimize waste through source reduction and resource recovery. We ensure removal of hydrocarbon vapor, free oil, and deposits from process vessels. Oil, water and solids are separated, reducing your hazardous material disposal burden. PetrolinkUSA’s vessel cleaning, waste processing and disposal methods are environmentally safe and have been proven reliable over the past 28 years.

Specific Services

The PetrolinkUSA team provides:

  • Confined Space Certified Technicians
  • Full Inspection (gaskets, suction strainers, breathers, etc.)
  • Filter Cart After Tank Cleaning In Order to Clean All System Lines
  • Documentation Provided At Conclusion of Job
  • Fluid Analysis and Data Verification of Cleanliness Standards Met
  • Above-Ground Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Liquid or Solid/Dry Vacuum Services
  • Separator Cleaning
  • Hydroblasting
  • Pipeline Jetting
  • Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal
  • OSHA 40-Hour Trained Field Laborers
  • Facility Decontamination
  • Wastewater Treatment Neutralization for Compliance with Wastewater Discharge Regulations
  • Fuel Oil Tank Cleaning
  • Utility Manhole and Vault Cleaning
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning During Decommissioning and Industrial Renovations
  • Large-Scale Tank Cleaning
  • IOS and Rail-Car Container Cleaning

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Client Testimonials

I wanted to thank your technicians who were on time and up to speed on the work that needed to be done. After cleaning the tanks they left the area around the job cleaner than when they arrived. I have, in the past, used your services for tank cleaning and I will continue to in the future. The side stream filtering you did on one of our gearboxes did a very good job of cleaning the lubricant.

Global Tire Manufacturer

This was my first outage working with PetrolinkUSA and I found them to be professional, prompt, hardworking and knowledgeable. I really appreciate the hard work and speed to which they completed the cleaning of our lube oil tanks. I look forward to working with them in the near future.

Regional Power Generation Company

Featured Case Study

Major Petroleum Refinery Process Gas Compressor Chemical Cleaning & HVOF

high velocity oil flushing refinery resultsA lube oil system for a gas compressor at a major refinery had not been cleaned in over 30 years. The unit was down for major maintenance program, which created the perfect opportunity to address the ISO cleanliness of the oil system.

PetrolinkUSA custom engineered and performed a successful reservoir and chemical cleaning coupled with a high velocity hot oil flush (HVOF) to return the system to acceptable ISO and API cleanliness specifications.

Preventative Maintenance Services Company

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