Fluid Analysis

What contaminants are affecting your oil? What internal issues are affecting your machines? Do you know which machines or systems will break down next? Do you wish your industrial equipment was more reliable?

Professional oil sampling and oil analysis companies can answer all of these questions, extending the life of your critical equipment and helping you stay ahead of maintenance and potential shutdowns. Improve the reliability of your equipment, eliminate unnecessary inspections and control oil consumption costs by having PetrolinkUSA sample and test your lube oil and complete a thorough walk down of your facility.

What are we looking for when we perform oil analysis services? The specific contaminants we discover can tell us how degraded your lubrication system is and what types of mechanical or electrical problems might be contributing. It will also help us determine what type of flushing and cleaning services your systems and machinery may need.

Fluid Analysis Services

We provide the following analysis services:

  • Full oil sampling analysis results within 24 hours—Performed by an unbiased third-party.
  • Spectrochemical analysis: 24 metals done via ICP method, Total Acid Number (TAN), viscosity at 40 degrees Celsius and water by Karl Fischer.
  • Particle Count Analysis: Industry Standard Test for determining solid contamination levels in oil—Given as a 3-digit ISO Code Reading based on actual counts at the 4-, 6- and 14-micron levels.
  • Web-based access to analysis reports and system profiles.
  • Ultra clean bottles for testing—To contain less than 1 particle greater than 10um per milliliter of fluid. Specified by ISO 3722 and are a part of ISO 17025 Audit Standards at our laboratory.
  • Proper bottles, head space and ullage in the bottle to provide a data effective sample.
  • All technicians and employees MLA trained and certified as specified by ISO 1846-4, Sub-Part I.
  • Prompt turnaround time on all samples to include same-day shipping of samples and processed/reported within 72 hours of shipping.
  • Service Priority List to Customer to identify any and all out-of-spec systems and the required maintenance actions necessary to get the system back within spec.
  • New Lube Reference Samples to be pulled twice a year to ensure your system has an accurate data depiction of the oil you are currently using.
Tests We Conduct
  • Acid Number ASTM D974
  • Analytical Ferrography IWI-180
  • Bacteria Test IWI-350
  • Base Number ASTM D4739
  • Chlorine ASTM D5384
  • Color ASTM D1500
  • Copper Corrosion ASTM D130
  • Crackle IWI-130
  • Demulisibility ASTM D1401
  • Dielectric Strength ASTM D877
  • EDXRF Elements IWI-270
  • Filter Debris Analysis IWI-271
  • Flash Point ASTM D92 & D93
  • Foam Seq 1 & 3 ASTM D892
  • Freezing Point IWI-240
  • FTIR JOAP Method
  • Fuel Dilution IWI-170
  • Glycol IWI-340
  • Gravimetric Analysis ASTM D4898
  • ICP Spectroscopy ASTM D5185
  • Karl Fischer Water ASTM D-6304 A&C
  • MPC ASTM D-7843
  • Nitrites IWI-320
  • Particle Counting Pore Blockage and Optical
  • PH IWI-142
  • Pour Point ASTM D97
  • Reserve Alkalinity IWI-143
  • RPVOT–Rotating Pressure   ASTM D2272
  • Ruler ASTM D-6971
  • Vessel Oxidation Test
  • Rust A & B ASTM D665 A&B
  • Specific Gravity ASTM D1298
  • Ultra Centrifuge IWI-251
  • Viscosity @ 100°C ASTM D445
  • Viscosity @ 40°C ASTM D445
  • Viscosity Index ASTM 2270
  • Viscosity SUS ASTM D2161
  • Wear Particle IWI-160
  • Yeast & Mold IWI-350


Client Testimonials

For the duration of our working with PetrolinkUSA they have been very professional and have gone above and beyond when something is requested of them. They have a very knowledgeable staff that is more than happy to assist with any questions you may have. PetrolinkUSA has proven their worth and we are in the process of increasing our oil reconditioning program with them.

Global Tire Manufacturer

I have found working with PetrolinkUSA very professional. They have helped us set up systems to recycle our power steering fluid. They fill the void if I do not have the manning to ensure the job gets done. They have made a wonderful recommendation to our company to ensure the system flow goes smoothly. They call in advance or contact those members prior to arriving so that items are prepared and completed very timely. More…

Global Auto Parts Manufacturer

Featured Case Study

Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer Managed Reliability Program


particle count analysis for manufacturerMachinery rebuilding costs were rising every year for a plastic molding injection company, with many rebuilds sourcing back to sticking electrical valve issues. Twenty-eight separate systems in a single department relied heavily on hydraulic equipment with sensitive, actuating valves. Through an oil analysis and turnkey ISO cleanliness program, PetrolinkUSA helped the client increase the reliability of all critical hydraulic systems, eliminating the sticking valve issues.

Before PetrolinkUSA’s program was implemented, 71% of the systems were rated marginal or critical. After the program was in-place, only one system was in the marginal category, the particle count was reduced from 20/18/15 to 14/13/9, which doubled the life of each component within the department.

Preventative Maintenance Services Company

oil analysis services

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