The PetrolinkUSA Advantage

Since 1989, PetrolinkUSA has been providing high velocity hot oil flushing (HVOF), EHC flushing, chemical cleaning, lubricant reconditioning and preventive maintenance services to over 400 companies. Segments of our service solution consist of equipment assessments, lubricant analysis, reservoir cleaning, lubricant reconditioning and auxiliary on-line filtration and flushing. We also carry a full line of lubrication system accessories including filters, breathers, suction strainers, fill caps and site gauges.

Our service solution is designed to increase the up-time and efficiency of plant equipment along with extending the life of your lubricants. Our national footprint of six service locations enables us to mobilize and service our customers within 24 hours.

PetrolinkUSA’s technicians are MLA 1 and MLA2 trained and certified, and focused on excellent field service. We guarantee the oil in your system will meet the cleanliness target and other critical oil specifications after servicing.

All decisions at PetrolinkUSA are made with the customer in mind first. We will always make decisions that are:

  1. Best for the customer, then
  2. Best for PetrolinkUSA, then
  3. Best for us as individuals

This ensures we always do what is right for our customers. There are no exceptions to our golden rule.

PetrolinkUSA Advantage Highlights

Working with PetrolinkUSA means you get:

  • Our guarantee that your oil meets cleanliness targets and other critical specifications after servicing
  • 28+ years of experience in the field with over 400 companies, including all major US refineries
  • Strategically placed locations that allow us to service anyone in the US within 24 hours
  • MLA1 and MLA2 certified and trained technicians
  • Priority on safe, reliable solutions that put customer needs first

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