High Velocity Hot Oil Flushing Services

The health of your oil system is key to the reliability of critical equipment. Our high velocity hot oil flushing (HVOF) services ensure you meet or exceed ISO cleanliness requirements, increase equipment and part life, and decrease required system maintenance.

We provide you with a comprehensive plan to prolong the life of your critical systems and equipment. While establishing flush plans, we examine the health of your reservoirs, screens, heat exchangers, coolers, turbines and all other system components. We provide comprehensive solutions that remove contaminants, correct moisture levels, eliminate varnish and fully degrease and pickle equipment. Our full list of services related to high velocity hot oil flushing include:

Specific Services

  • Decontamination of System Piping with Turbulent Flow
  • Varnish Removal
  • Heat Transfer System Flushing
  • Lube Oil Flushing
  • Removal of Metal Working Debris or Dirt Contaminants Built Up from Years of Use
  • HVOF for Gas & Steam Turbines, Compressors, Stationary Engines, Piping, Heat Exchangers, Reservoirs and Tanks, Etc.
  • Turnkey Solution Including Service/Equipment (Flanges, Filters, Jumpers, Etc.)
  • Utility Pigging Services to Eliminate Debris and Apply Sealant
  • Flush Plan Development with Recommendations for Improved Reliability
  • Managed Flushing Services
    • Verify Flush Paths and Jumper Installation
    • Set Up High Velocity Flush Equipment
    • Complete System Flushing and Related Elements
    • Inspect Flush Screens‚ Filters and Bags
    • Gather Key Baseline and Related Performance Data for Documentation
    • Monitor System Improvements
    • Document the Service Summary and Return on Investment for Management Review
  • Provide A Service Summary that:
    • Details the Steps Completed
    • Documents Performance Improvement
    • Supports Additional Engineering Recommendations to Enhance System Reliability
    • Recommends Routines Such As Regular Oil System Preventive Maintenance
  • Decontamination of System Piping with Turbulent Flow
  • Daily Communication of Key Stakeholders that Follow A Pre-Determined Inspection Test Plant (ITP)
  • Assist in Establishing Inspection Requirements for Lubricant Performance and Quality Assurance

PetrolinkUSA has the experience to safely and efficiently complete jobs of all sizes that meet API 614 standards. Utilizing our own specially designed equipment, we are able to quickly and reliably meet or exceed OEM start-up cleanliness specifications of ISO 16/13/10, and our jobs typically take 4 to 7 days or less per turbine.

Turbine Brands We Service on a Regular Basis

Turbine brands PetrolinkUSA has provided hot oil flushing services forAs a leading hot oil flushing company, we have performed numerous turnkey lube oil flushing services on both gas turbines and steam turbines made by:

  • GE
  • Siemens–Westinghouse
  • Dresser–Rand
  • Elliot
  • Kobelco
  • Sulzer
  • Solar Turbines (CAT)
  • And more…

Don’t see your turbine listed? Chances are we have worked with your equipment or something very similar. Give us a call to talk to us specifically about your needs and verify PetrolinkUSA can do the job.

Client Testimonials for Our High Velocity Hot Oil Flushing Equipment & Services

I have worked with PetrolinkUSA on numerous occasions in the refinery. Each job has been a major machinery oil system cleanup. In my experience, PetrolinkUSA has been professional in their communication and timeliness of response.

The PetrolinkUSA employees that I worked with in the refinery are self-motivated and easy to work with. They are quick to respond and provide input based on experience where applicable. PetrolinkUSA has the equipment necessary to complete oil system cleanups with little or no assistance from Refinery Maintenance. They come prepared with all necessary personal protective equipment.

I appreciate PetrolinkUSA’s past performance and will continue to recommend them for future oil system clean jobs. I look forward to working with PetrolinkUSA in the future.

Global Refinery

PetrolinkUSA has become my “go-to” contractor in regards to industrial chemical cleaning and lube oil flushing. Throughout my projects, PetrolinkUSA provided the proper equipment and skilled safe labor to fully execute the scope of work, to our client’s specific expectations.

Not only did PetrolinkUSA achieve the final goals set, but also maintained in-depth, proper communication through the process. I would not hesitate to recommend PetrolinkUSA to anyone in need of a chemical cleaning or lube oil flushing contractor.

Global Engineer Contractor

Featured Case Study

Hot Oil Flushing Performed on New Install of Multiple Turbines

equipment train oil cleaning

A new ammonia unit with lubrication system capacities ranging from 100 to 5,200 gallons came with a multitude of contamination opportunities during the installation and fabrication process. PetrolinkUSA was contracted to perform 11 high velocity oil flushes to remove metal shavings, welding slag, and airborne contaminants such as dust, dirt and sand.

All systems receiving HVOF were brand new and “pre-cleaned” before shipment. Despite the manufacturer’s cleaning process, PetrolinkUSA’s flushing proved both necessary and vital. Contaminants were discovered and removed that would have caused premature wear or possible catastrophic failure of internal components.

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