Paper & Pulp Industry

Do you have water contamination in your paper machine oil? Is your filtration effectively cleaning lubricant in your big reservoirs? A common problem we see in paper industries is an inadequate dirt capacity for lubricant filtration systems. We recommend paper mill preventive maintenance. Here at PetrolinkUSA, we offer pulp and paper mill preventive services.

PetrolinkUSA provides lubricant maintenance and chemical cleaning services that result in contaminant-free machine oil, increased production and improved fluid movement throughout your facility. New equipment installations, planned maintenance and shutdowns, or emergency situations—PetrolinkUSA will help you ensure your systems are contaminant-free, efficient and ready to run for years to come.

Our MLA1 and MLA2 trained and certified staff provides safe and reliable solutions that do not become a burden to your budget. We work with you on a daily basis while onsite to ensure you have the proper tools to maintain dry oil and the ROI of your filtration equipment.  Additionally, we have the ability to custom manufacture filters for your specific application to ensure your oil is running at top health and reliability of your equipment is extended.

Reliability Services

  • High Velocity Oil Flushing and Varnish Removal
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Leakage Oil Reclamation
  • Emergency Water and Particulate Removal
  • Oil Sampling and Analysis


Reliability Equipment and Products

  • Vacuum Dehydration Units
  • Lube Oil Filters
  • Breathers
  • Fluid Handling Solutions
  • Custom Auxiliary Filtration


This was my first outage working with PetrolinkUSA and I found them to be professional, prompt, hardworking and knowledgeable. I really appreciate the hard work and speed to which they completed the cleaning of our lube oil tanks. I look forward to working with them in the near future.

Regional Power Generation Company

For the duration of our working with PetrolinkUSA they have been very professional and have gone above and beyond when something is requested of them. They have a very knowledgeable staff that is more than happy to assist with any questions you may have. PetrolinkUSA has proven their worth and we are in the process of increasing our oil reconditioning program with them.

Global Tire Manufacturer

Featured Case Study

Global Manufacturer Oil Analysis & Side Stream Filtration

ISO oil analysis chartPetrolinkUSA developed and implemented a turnkey ISO cleanliness program that increased the reliability of critical hydraulic systems for a global tire manufacturer. The program managed 63 recirculation hydraulic systems located in a single department of the manufacturing plant. These systems actuated sensitive valves and cylinders with critical proportional directional valves.

PetrolinkUSA’s ISO cleanliness program reduced maintenance, oil and filter costs, as well as, prolonged the life of critical hydraulic equipment by exceeding the target cleanliness level on all 63 hydraulic systems. Operating pressures of the valves were below 3000 psi. The target ISO 4406:99 cleanliness code for these systems was 17/15/11.

Preventative Maintenance Services Company

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