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Vacuum Dehydration Units

Vacuum Dehydration Units

Remove unwanted water from your lube systems by renting one of our low-maintenance, high-performance vacuum dehydration units. Vacuum dehydration helps increase the efficiency and lower costs of your operating equipment over time. Our units feature:

  • Online & Offline Configurations
  • Single Pass or Looped Setups
  • Loop to Reservoirs or Process Streams
  • Removes All Free & Emulsified Water
  • Removes 90% or More Dissolved Water.
  • Manual to Fully-Automated Options

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HVOF Flushing Skids

High Velocity Hot Oil Flush  (HVOF) Skids

Our HVOF skids ensure you meet ISO cleanliness requirements by removing contaminants, correcting moisture levels and eliminating varnish. Multiple skid designs and sizes are available to ensure equipment can safely be staged close to the targeted system. We offer:

  • High Velocity and Side Stream Flushing
  • Range: 8–1200 GPM
  • Sized to Achieve Desired Flow Rate & Reynolds Number (Re)

Our certified team of technicians installs all rental units and ensures you are set up for success. Request a quote or call 1-800-770-4510 to discuss your application.

Electrostatic Oil Cleaners (EOC)

Electrostatic Oil Cleaners (EOC)

PetrolinkUSA’s EOC units remove varnish and proactively prevent buildup that leads to sludge and other degradation within your systems. Our electrostatic fluid conditioning units significantly reduce costs over time by:

  • Minimizing Machine/System Downtime
  • Extending the Life of Your Lubricating Oil
  • Reducing Wear and Sticking on O-Rings, Servers, Bearings and Gears
  • Leading to Less Equipment Maintenance and Helping You Maintain A Predictable Maintenance Schedule

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Vacuum dehydration can be integrated into your processing operation and meet the strictest purification requirements. Contact us or call today to discuss your application with our team.

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