PetrolinkUSA Whitepapers

Varnish Mitigation: Executing a Varnish Prevention Plan

By: Larry B. Jordan

Summary: A thorough examination of the history and current methods for varnish prediction, prevention, and mitigation techniques from a service providers perspective. How have detection, prevention, and mitigation methods improved over time? What is the best technology to use today?

Paper Machine Flushing: Preventing Contamination and Blockage in Return Lines

By: Larry B. Jordan

Summary: Contamination buildup in dryer bearing return lines can cause reduced flow. The reduced flow will cause the bearing temperature to rise leading to bearing failure and unscheduled downtime.  Learn about how to identify, treat and prevent contamination and blockage in return lines and why paper machine flushing is instrumental in keeping unscheduled downtime in check.

Lubricant Varnish: What It Is, How It Forms and How to Mitigate It

By: Larry B. Jordan

Summary: Oil varnishing is a widespread problem. Fully one-third of industrial gas turbines (GTs) suffer from oil varnishing. This paper provides a thorough examination of oil varnish, including the description, formation, identification, mitigation strategies, lifecycle and removal of oil varnish.

MPC Varnish Potential Testing

By: Larry B. Jordan

Summary: Oil varnish deposits cause major problems in turbines and other industrial equipment. This paper provides a thorough examination of oil varnish including, potential testing basics, understanding MPC values  and the testing materials needed.