PetrolinkUSA is now offering PLI-Screens, a double reinforced inspection media to verify cleanliness of system prior to start up. With a 3-gasket, 100 mesh (or OEM required media), and 40 mesh screen bound together for durability as well as a handle for easy insert and removal the PLI-Screens have several advantages to field fabricated screens. Field fabricated screens are usually done with an individual cutting 100 mesh screen and gluing between two gaskets at time of insert. These screens without backing and time to cure have been known to bow out, pull free or worse blow out and end up contaminating the system.

With full flow inspections, durability, availability in any flange size and rating, cost effectiveness over wye, basket, or welded steel screens, the PLI-Screens are the screens professional flushing companies rely on.

All Rotating Equipment include OEM recommendations such as flushing services. Whether commissioning, maintenance or system failure flushing is vital to ensuring removal of foreign materials that contribute to damaging critical components including gears, pumps, bearing and valves.

While PetrolinkUSA always recommends bringing in experts to facilitate the execution of flushing activities we also recognize that many systems are small and not cost effective to do so. There are times that the systems have additional work to be executed once the flushing experts have concluded and left the facility. It is vital in both cases to prevent foreign material from breaking loose, move through the internal piping and get caught in critical components causing damage at start up.

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