Happy National Manufacturing Day!

Happy National Manufacturing Day!

PetrolinkUSA is proud to support manufacturing, refining, and all our industrial clients that help make America’s future bright. Today, we celebrate the manufacturing industry, which is the basis of the American economy. Our hats are off to all manufacturing facilities, refineries and other industrial plants that support 18.5 million jobs and make up 12% of our national GDP.

Did you know that if U.S. manufacturing was a country, it would be the world’s 9th largest economy? For other interesting facts about manufacturing, check out this infographic from MFG Day. To see statistics about the current state of U.S. Manufacturing, the U.S. Census Bureau also put out an infographic.

Below is a map from the U.S. Census Bureau that shows the states with the highest manufacturing employment rates. Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa have the highest concentrations of employees in the country. Wisconsin leads the way with 9.3 percent.

Employment in the Manufacturing Industry

manufacturing industry employment

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

National Manufacturing Day began in 2012, and is celebrated on the first Friday of October, with the intention of bringing awareness to the significant contribution the manufacturing industry makes to the U.S. economy. Since then, the celebration has significantly grown, with over 2800 events nationwide.

The annual celebration provides a means for manufacturing plants to open their doors and interact with the public. Educating the public about rewarding careers and the key role that manufacturing plays in the country, has helped to improve the perception of the manufacturing industry, and encourage 64 percent of those attending events, to pursue manufacturing careers.