Example of chemical cleaning results

Chemical Cleaning Results

Example of chemical cleaning resultsWe recently completed a chemical cleaning job. To right is a picture showing the before and after results of the cleaning.

PetrolinkUSA’s scope of work on this job included:

  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Nitrogen Drying and Oil Preservation
  • And (8) Pulsation Dampeners of Various Sizes

To deliver these services, we completed the following steps:

• Transport equipment to PetrolinkUSA facility
• Mechanically cleaned equipment
• Chemically cleaned equipment
• Degreased everything
• Chemical cleaning (pass two)
• Neutralize and passivate all
• Final equipment rinse
• A blow and air dry for all treated surfaces
• Purge with nitrogen to -50F dew point
• Oil spray for preservation
• Install flanges (50+)
• Deliver dampeners back to

For more information about our chemical cleaning services and more examples, visit our chemical cleaning page or call 1-800-770-4510.