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Chemical Cleaning & HVOF of Refinery Gas Turbine

A lube oil system for a gas compressor at a major refinery had not been cleaned in over 30 years. The unit was down for a major maintenance program, which created the perfect opportunity to address the ISO cleanliness of the oil system. PetrolinkUSA custom engineered and performed a successful reservoir and chemical cleaning coupled with a high velocity hot oil flush (HVOF) to return the system to acceptable ISO and API cleanliness specifications.

high velocity oil flushing refinery results
industrial reservoir cleaning before and after pictures


A pre-job walk down to establish a process and procedure document that lists all the required pre-engineered jumpers and connection spools kicked the project off, ensuring Petrolink arrived onsite with all necessary parts and equipment. Chemical cleaning was done in two stages; a degreasing stage & a pickle stage.

A high alkalinity degreaser was circulated for four hours to break up hydrocarbon deposits in piping and the reservoir. After four hours, water and nitrogen were used to flush and purge the system of degreaser. An environmentally safe pickling agent replaced the degreaser for the second stage and circulated through for approximately 12 hours. High point bleeds were used to ensure that the chemical was in contact with all internal surfaces throughout the system.

The final step was a high velocity hot oil flush after the pickling agent was purged. A targeted plan was utilized to isolate every part of the system using the forementioned valves along with alternating flow between heat exchangers and filter vessels.


Once verification screens were in accordance with API 614 and approved by the client, the total flush time ended at approximately 51 total hours.

The oil was purged and drained from the system and disposed of at the clients preference. With the oil removed, PetrolinkUSA moved forward with the reservoir cleaning. Once clean, new oil was filter filled into the system using one micron BETA 1000 micro-glass filters. Oil analysis resulted in a 13/12/8 ISO particle count.

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