Electro-Hydraulic Controlled (EHC) Flushing

The number one cause of failure/downtime for steam turbines is the presence of contamination within the turbine trip and monitoring system. Our specialized EHC flushing process is designed specifically for sensitive electrohydraulic controlled equipment.

We utilize special filtration systems designed with viton seals specifically for use on phosphate ester fluids to regularly perform complete EHC System Flushes at power plants around the country. At flushing completion, contamination is removed from the turbine and fluid handling equipment, prolonging the life of your equipment and reducing required maintenance.

Specific Services:

The EHC flushing services we offer include:

  • Our PetrolinkUSA turnkey flushing solution for contaminated EHC Systems
  • Specialized cleaning chemicals for flow path cleaning
  • Custom jumper installation
  • Onsite Field Laser Particle Counter for constant fluid analysis
  • Ability to run side stream on console during flushing process
  • Pipefitting support for breakdown and reinstallation of all piping components
  • Third party confirmation of final particle counts provided by an independent lab with a 24 hour turnaround
  • Reservoir and tank cleaning
  • Custom fluid handling solutions
  • Auxillary filtration units
  • Industrial filters and breathers

Contact PetrolinkUSA today to get started by calling 1-800-770-4510 or filling out a contact form. Learn more about why we are one of your best choices of EHC flushing companies on our PetrolinkUSA Advantage page.

Client Testimonials

Thanks again for working us into your schedule. The crew you sent did a fantastic job on the ECH flush. Everything from disassembly/assembly, and final oil quality met our expectations. If we ever need flushing services again, we know who we’ll call.

Regional Power Plant -

My interaction with PetrolinkUSA has been very professional from the very first phone conversation through project completion. PetrolinkUSA spent a good deal of time answering my questions and explaining their process to me without ever pressuring me into purchasing services that I did not require. The PetrolinkUSA employees performing our EHC System flush and cleanup were very friendly and professional in action and appearance. They arrived fully prepared and performed their service with minimal support required. I will not hesitate to use PetrolinkUSA again in the future, and would recommend them to anyone requiring oil services.

Regional Power Generation Company -

Case Study: EHC Flushing Services

Power Plant Electro-Hydraulic Control (EHC) Fluid Swap

Visual comparison of oil before and after flushing

Switching from a vegetable based ester to a polyalkylene glycol electro hydraulic controlled (EHC) lubricant was proving challenging for a power plant because of the incompatibility of the two fluids. The replacement fluid (polyalkylene glycol) needed to contain less than 3% total volume of the existing fluid at the end of the project.

A previous attempt to switch the two fluids had resulted in issues with critical equipment that were causing downtime and on-going problems. PetrolinkUSA completed a very thorough removal of the existing fluid, exceeding the power plants expectations, fixing the existing equipment reliability problems, and meeting the project budget.