Chemical Cleaning Services

Do you want a smoother startup and prolonged life for your equipment? Worried about debris, scale, oxides, or unwanted oil in your piping or vessels? PetrolinkUSA offers a turnkey pre and post operational bio-degradable chemical cleaning process prior to start-up.

Our chemical cleaning services for piping and vessels remove unwanted contaminates, help ensure smooth equipment and reduce required maintenance and system downtime.

Specific Services:

PretrolinkUSA’s services include:

  • Degreasing with filtration and proper flow rates to avoid any dead spots
  • Neutralization of degreasing agent and system purging
  • Line drying with nitrogen
  • Non-hazardous chemical cleaning
  • High Velocity Hot Oil Flushing (when needed)
  • Passivation
  • Drying to meet plant specification
  • Fluid analysis and particle count verification
  • Reservoir and tank cleaning
  • Custom fluid handling solutions
  • Auxillary filtration units
  • Industrial filters and breathers

Contact PetrolinkUSA today to get started by calling 1-800-770-4510 or filling out a contact form. We are one of the leading chemical cleaning companies in the chemical manufacturing and refining industries and we would love to work with on your next turnaround or lube oil maintenance project.

Client Testimonials

PetrolinkUSA has become my “Go To” contractor in regards to Industrial Chemical Cleaning and Lube Oil Flushing. Throughout my projects, PetrolinkUSA provided the proper equipment and skilled safe labor to fully execute the scope of work, to our clients specific expectations.

Not only did PetrolinkUSA achieve the final goals set, but also maintained, in depth, proper communication through the process. I would not hesitate to recommend PetrolinkUSA to anyone in need of a Chemical Cleaning or Lube Oil Flushing contractor.

Global Engineer Contractor -

Case Study

Chemical Cleaning & HVOF of Refinery Gas Turbine

industrial reservoir cleaning before and after picturesA lube oil system for a gas compressor at a major refinery had not been cleaned in over 30 years. The unit was down for major maintenance program, which created the perfect opportunity to address the ISO cleanliness of the oil system.

PetrolinkUSA custom engineered and performed a successful reservoir and chemical cleaning coupled with a high velocity hot oil flush (HVOF) to return the system to acceptable ISO and API cleanliness specifications.